Bottle Breastfeeding Nipple Confusion: This Post Could Change Your Life Forever

bottle breastfeeding nipple confusion

Of course that’s ridiculous. A random blog post can’t change your life. However, I am excited to introduce you to an idea that could save you a lot of unnecessary heartache and sleep loss, bottle breastfeeding nipple confusion. I’m sure if you’ve picked up even one baby book (make it this one) or just hung…

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A Second Chance at Breastfeeding? The Secret To Making It Work

Giving Breastfeeding a second chance

Reader Question:  I’m getting ready for a second chance at breastfeeding when our daughter is born next month. I attempted breastfeeding with our first, but that only lasted about a week. I met with the lactation consultant 2-3 times during that first week, and she could see nothing really wrong with his latch or my nipples…

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The Best 5 Month Old Feeding Chart I Ever Did See. And I Love It.

5 month old feeding chart

You wake up to whiffs of diapers that would put elephants to shame, demands for breakfast by three year old firecrackers, and armpits in desperate need of some Secret Clinical Strength lovin’…..or maybe that’s just me??? When the swirling chaos of the morning is crashing down on you, it’s difficult to remember if you’ve brushed…

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Up Your Boobie Game: Galactagogues Increase Milk AND Help You Lose the Baby Weight

GALACTAGOGUES increase milk

You may already know that galactagogues increase milk but before you head out to Whole Foods to buy some Fenugreek… STEP ONE: DETERMINE IF YOU REALLY NEED A GALACTAGOGUE Is sweet cheeks producing at least 6 wet diapers a day? Is she gaining weight? (Do yourself a favor and throw away those weight charts designed for…

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10 Breastfeeding Tips New Moms Won’t Hear In the Hospital

breastfeeding tips new moms

Perhaps you were prepped thoroughly for the battle of breastfeeding by a legion of nurses and lactation consultants in the hospital. Or maybe you’re not even a hospital kinda gal. Whatever your flavor of baby delivery is, here are a mish mash of breastfeeding tips new moms aren’t likely to hear: – 1 – BYPASS…

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10 Secret Reasons You Can’t Breastfeed

reasons you can't breastfeed

Let’s get one thing straight. For most women breastfeeding does not just happen. But most of us new mamas think that, like that breath you just took, it will, without a second thought. Without struggle. Without strife. In a happily ever after kind of way. How I Pictured Breastfeeding Would Go: Baby arrives in all…

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Demand Feeding Infants: A Dunder Mifflin Guide

demand feeding infants

You know the saying, “you’re the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with.” I feel like The Office belongs in my inner circle of five. For those days you just want to play something in the background, The Office trumps all. Always and forever. That’s what she said. But on…

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Breastfeeding Mama Talk: You Might be a Breastfeeding Mama If….

breastfeeding mama talk

Ain’t no talk like breastfeeding mama talk ’cause a breastfeeding party don’t stop! Am I right! Party people, please tell me you can relate.   25) Pamela Anderson loaned you her boobs, and they’re pretty awesome. (Aside from the fact that one nipple points northwest and the other southeast….) 24) You frequently squeeze your boobs…

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Should You be Drinking Wine Breastfeeding Baby? This Mama Does.

Drinking Wine Breastfeeding

A glass of red wine at the end of a busy, stressful day. Could there be a more beautiful vision? Perhaps, a glass of wine on a yacht destined for Bora, Bora….a girl can dream right? So you want to enjoy an adult beverage now that you’ve dutifully abstained for the past nine months, but…

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Fat Loss While Breastfeeding: Chasing the Unicorn?

fat loss while breastfeeding

The question I know you’re just dying to know the answer to…..Is fat loss while breastfeeding possible? (That and when is this ever-lovin’ child going to sleep through the night!) The answer is it depends. Now wasn’t that helpful… After having my first baby, my letter to Santa was quite laughable. I wanted the scale…

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