How to Find the Perfect Good Eat While Breastfeeding AND Baby-Led Weaning: Part Uno

good eat while breastfeeding

I am a big fan of kissing.

Now I do love me a good ol’ make-out session with my man {especially with this stuff}, but I’m not talking about the kind of kissing that results in having 3 babies in 3 years…… I’m talking about keeping it simple, silly. {I took editorial liberties because my delicate self-esteem does not respond well to being called stupid =}

Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” {Tweet This}.

Clearly God gave that man a couple more ounces of gray matter than the rest of us so I’ll take his lead.

And now you’re asking yourself, I clicked because I thought I was going to learn about how to find the perfect good eat while breastfeeding and baby-led weaning, NOT a lesson plan on kissing and Einstein.

If you’re looking for the quick and dirty on what is a good eat while breastfeeding, go here.

Baby Led WeaningIf you’re looking for the quick and dirty on baby led weaning first foods, check out our Resource Page.

And if you’re one of those mythical creatures, a mama who has time to read, this book is beyond awesome.

BUT if you want to kick it up a notch, Mamastein, and kiss your #decisionfatigue goodbye, keep reading to discover the foods that are perfect for meeting your nutritional needs as a breastfeeding mama AND satisfying your toothless bambino chomping at the bit for some solid food action.


Gerber Graduates BPA Free Soft Bite Infant SpoonSome mamas introduce solids during the 4 – 6 months stage, which I talk about here. This typically involves taking mushed up food, combining it with a liquid, and spoon feeding it to baby {these are our faves}. There is nothing wrong with taking the puree route.

You are the expert on your baby and don’t you forget it! {Tweet This}.

BabyLed Weaning: The Road Less TraveledBaby led weaning is a road less traveled. It means from the get-go you let baby feed themselves. {I realize the term is ridiculously misleading. It was coined by the former Deputy Program Director of UNICEF’s UK Baby Friendly Initiative, and in the UK “wean” means to add complementary foods, NOT give up breastfeeding}.

Sounds crazy, right? Let a 6 month old feed themselves? But the crazy thing is it works! Here’s the basic premise: you allow baby to explore and experiment with foods once they have the ability to feed themselves rather than placing food in their mouths for them.

Before you traipse any further, let’s talk solids.


You’d think the term colossal controversy should be preserved for important matters like abortion, legalizing marijuana, and the death penalty, but bring up the subject of feeding a baby among a group of mamas and you’ll learn in a hot second that they have strong opinions about what should and shouldn’t be fed to a baby. As they should. {Just head for cover if they start to go Real Housewives on you….yes I do love me some trashy TV.}

Nutrition is such a key component, if not the key component, to our well-being, and as mamas we serve as the door keeper to our sweet babes who can’t speak up for themselves quite yet.

The following groups advocate for exclusive breastfeeding until baby reaches 6 months: the World Health Organization, UNICEF, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, and Health Canada.

Per the experts breast really is best before baby turns 6 months old.

However, I’d add to the conversation: YOU are the expert on YOUR baby, and no baby, even those wrought from the same gene pool, is just like another.

While one baby may be ready to try their hand at solids at 4 months, another may not be ready to really dive in until as late as 12 months.

Starting Solids

I’m a big fan of the blog Paleo Parents, and in the video below Stacy, the mama behind Paleo Parents talks about how her three boys were ready for solids at three completely different times. {Fast forward to the 12:30 mark if you’re short on time}.

A good rule of thumb: Solids before one, just for fun {Tweet This}.

The majority of baby’s nutrient intake will still come from breast milk or formula so always nurse or bottle feed your baby and then offer solids.

BRB with Part Deuce……………

In the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. What do you think about baby led weaning vs. spoon feeding? Are you opposed to one or the other – or both? Which have you tried and did it work for you?

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