How to Find the Perfect Good Eat While Breastfeeding AND Baby-Led Weaning: Part 3

good eat while breastfeeding

I don’t know about your littles, but mine are like really needy for some reason. Does that suffice for why I’ve blogged once in the past two months? No? I didn’t think so either.

There’s that and I’m trying this whole working-from-home thing, doing some bookkeeping on the side, and let’s just say Quickbooks plus toddler tantrum does not an error-free bookkeeper make…..

But I think it’s safe to say you came here to read about a good eat while breastfeeding and baby-led weaning and not my personal ramblings so…Check out part uno here and part dos here. Keep reading for Part Tres. Just call me Captain Obvious.

COCONUT OIL: A Great Source of Fat While Breastfeeding

Coconut oil is the cat’s pajamas when it comes to hormone health, and chances are, if you’re a breastfeeding mama, your hormones have you feeling deepish, introspective one moment and ready to shake the baby the next. No, you’re not crazy. Welcome to motherhood.

Coconut oil is especially awesome for breastfeeding mamas because it provides the necessary building blocks for hormone regulation. Eat enough veggies roasted in coconut oil and you just might summon some semblance of those abdominal muscles that were stretched into oblivion by the cutest little body-destroyer you ever did see.

And did you know coconut oil is one of the most nourishing and healing things you can put on your baby’s skin! I’ve used it for everything from deodorant to conditioner to facial moisturizer.

Eat Yo Sweet PotatoesSWEET POTATO: A Great Carb Source While Breastfeeding

I eat at least one sweet potato a week. Why? They’re cheap, filling, delicious, and the perfect food for the breastfeeding mama for so many reasons. They’ve got tons of Vitamin D, which plays an important role in energy levels and moods. If life has you trapped indoors, hello ridiculous summer heat, you could be getting wrecked by a Vitamin D deficiency you don’t even know about.

Sweet potatoes also contain iron, which you, breastfeeding mama, need a lot of, and magnesium, the relaxation, anti-stress mineral. Need I say more!

For baby, steam it in chunks, bake it whole in the skin or my personal go-to, nuke it. Ain’t nobody got time for an oven.

CARROTS: A Great Carb Source While Breastfeeding

So apparently carrots kill harmful germs in the mouth and help prevent tooth decay. Who knew! Having had zero cavities my whole pre-natal life, I was shocked when the dentist told me I had three mere weeks after delivering baby #1 in March 2011. I don’t know if it was the hormones, the not-so-morning morning sickness, or lackluster teeth brushing thanks to fatigue, but I will take all the help I can get to avoid drilling.

You can always steam them, but roasting carrots not only makes them taste almost like candy {almost}, the texture created by roasting makes them easier to pick up for baby.

EGGS: A Great Choline Source

I almost cringe adding eggs to the list. Introducing our first-born to eggs ended in my first 911 call as I watched her face swell to twice it’s size {you can read about that fun little adventure here}.

One sleepless night I was Googling something along the lines of how-in-the-ever-lovin-world-do-you-make-this-baby-stop-crying and stumbled across this little website {it’s so not little} called the Weston A. Price Foundation. I was totally. sucked. in.

There are 20 dietary guidelines that govern the WAPF diet but the basic premise is that you rely on whole, natural foods to nourish your body. And I literally just over-simplified it to the nth degree. If you’re truly interested, the co-founders of WAPF, Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, have a wonderful book called “Nourishing Traditions,” that is awesome.

Per WAPF, egg yolk is the perfect first food for all babies. {Side note: do not give the white part of the egg to a baby until after the age of one. Their little tummies can’t digest it quite yet.}

Hope you’ll keep joining me for the journey ahead!

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