First Time Breastfeeding Tips: Get Yo’ Self an Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt!

first time breastfeeding tips

Greetings from the land of Chaos and more Chaos!

The hubs lead a 10 day mission trip to Bulgaria to work with a Young Life ministry leaving me flying solo with this crew:

first time breastfeeding tips

{anyone have a good triple stroller recommendation????}

So, you can imagine…..

But it feels good to be back in the saddle!

Now! No time to shoot the breeze because…….

Looking for first time breastfeeding tips? Want to breastfeed but not super keen on the idea of strangers seeing parts that are called private parts for a reason?

You must, must, must check out Undercover Mama nursing shirts!

first time breastfeeding tips

{I decided not to crop out my super cool microfiber cleaning slippers that my husband totally mocked me for but work, I promise!}

On a breastfeeding in public scale of 1 to first time breastfeeding tips

I have to admit that I’m probably a 1. And that’s stretching it. I’m probably more of a 0.2. I’m not proud or ashamed and am quite honestly in awe of those women super passionate about whipping it out anytime, anywhere, in front of anyone. More power to you!

But that’s just not me.

Which is why the Undercover Mama nursing shirt is perfect. There’s really nothing else like it on the market.

It’s basically a strapless tank with hooks at the top that attach to any bra, nursing or normal….is a non-nursing bra normal??? Whatevs. So when you lift your shirt to nurse, voila!, that battle-wounded belly stays covered.

In the past I’ve worn maternity belly bands under shirts for coverage while nursing, but they tend to bunch up. The Undercover Mama nursing shirt most definitely does not.

One of my biggest complaints about most nursing apparel is that with all the snaps and hooks and wraps, it takes a couple minutes prep to be ready to feed. And when your baby goes from this

first time breastfeeding tips

to this (couldn’t find a pic of Lena melting down so here is Nolan to fill in. I’d just like to note he’s mad because he had to wait for us to sing happy birthday to him before we’d let him dig into his cake……..the apple never falls far from the tree =)

first time breastfeeding tips

the two minutes it takes to get “prepped” to nurse seem like an e-ter-ni-ty BUT the attachment on the Undercover Mama nursing shirt is so easy to manage. I was able to whip it on and off in seconds.

Proof is in the pudding…..

First Time Breastfeeding Tips

There are two attachment options on the shirt. I prefer the stretchy rubber band because it’s soooo easy to attach and un-attach.


The material is a cotton/spandex combo and has just the right amount of tightness to be slimming without accentuating the muffin top I am trying to chip away at one non-delicious egg white at a time……….

It seems like I’m always looking for under-shirts these days. Because well, low-cut plus breastfeeding boobs do not a modest-I’m-a-pastor’s-wife combo make. So…..I could see myself wearing this little number mucho into the future.

Still not so sure about nursing in public? Check out the Instagram account normalizebreastfeeding. The goal of normalizebreastfeeding is to normalize BF (shocker, I know) one picture at a time. Weird, maybe, but to see pics of other women breastfeeding and know I wasn’t alone, made me feel more comfortable in my nursing-in-public-but-I-don’t-want-anybody-to-see-my-boobs skin.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. What do you think about nursing in public? Have you found something that was life-changing?

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  • Bethany K

    July 23, 2014

    I’ve never heard of this brand. Thanks for sharing! The ones I like the most, after trying way too many…, are some basic tanks from Motherhood that have a double clip (one on each side, I mean). I have at least 3 of them. I have others, but I don’t use them anymore. I like the look of this one, too, though. We are 13 months into nursing, and I figured, if I wanna go at least 2 years, I can’t survive off of just 2-3 shirts! So I have slowly been expanding my nursing wardrobe! Any tips on dresses? I feel like I ONLY wear shirts and shorts, and I’ve got like ONE dress I can nurse in during the heat!

    And I’m one of those NIP mamas who just whips it out. BUT I don’t do it just to do it. If I CAN be a bit more discrete (discreet?), I will do it. I mean, I’ll turn my body toward my seat so that no one sees the initial latch, ya know?

    • Brooke

      July 23, 2014

      Bethany, I love it! Every time I see a mama unashamedly nursing in public, my own confidence grows! I can’t imagine how many mamas are out there that you’ve inadvertently encouraged and strengthened just by feeding your baby in public!

      And oh how I can relate to looking at all the cute dresses I used to have (many of them were given away) because they weren’t “nursing friendly.” If you go for the dresses designed and marketed specifically as nursing dresses, my favorite brand by far is Milk Nursingwear. I think this High-Low dress is super cute!

      BUT those can get pretty pricey! (at least in my book =) Personally I’ve found the best success with razorback, maxi dresses made with some spandex so that they’re stretchy. I actually just bought this dress from Papaya. The stretchy material allows you to pull it down or to the side. If you have time to scour (I’m sure you don’t, you’re a mama =), stores like Forever 21 carry dresses with either a deep V that allows you top pull the top down or a razorback style where you can pull it to the side.

      Hopefully that helps! Congrats on making it 13 months! That is awesome!

  • Sarah jones

    July 28, 2014

    I’m also 13.5 months into nursing and super comfortable nursing in public- but it was a gradual confidence started by my mom’s encouragement/ seeing it as totally normal (she nursed the 5 of us kids :), and built up by other supportive mamas ( and getting better at fenagling a modest latch, etc). But in my opinion, community/ being with other encouraging mamas that ” view nursing wherever as normal” helps the most. Wearing nursing friendly clothes helps too, of course. I wore nursing tanks A LOT, often with a shorter top over which kept tummy covered if my son/ his blanket didn’t. Nursing in public is most helpful during those sudden ” I must eat NOW” times- but also translates to more private places with other people around too. The new mom “hold on a minute while I go in the next room for 20-30 min” routine gets old (still happens), so nice to sometimes just find a comfy spot and stay in the room.