My Secret to Intermittent Fasting: Drugs, the Legal Kind

Intermittent Fasting

Sometimes I wake up and remember I’m pregnant for the 4th time in 4 years and decide not waking up sounds pretty awesome. BUT then…. {I like big buts and I cannot lie} I remember….coffee! Coffee and Intermittent Fasting I’m always looking for ways to tweak my diet so that I have as few pounds…

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Fat Loss While Breastfeeding: Chasing the Unicorn?

fat loss while breastfeeding

The question I know you’re just dying to know the answer to…..Is fat loss while breastfeeding possible? (That and when is this ever-lovin’ child going to sleep through the night!) The answer is it depends. Now wasn’t that helpful… After having my first baby, my letter to Santa was quite laughable. I wanted the scale…

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